s/t 10″ [sold out]

Jungbluth – s/t 10″

– 16:29 minutes – originally released on tape in november 2012
– comes with 42×29,7cm riso-printed inlay and thick cover.

all profits will be forwarded to pro asyl – a national working group for refugees. more information below.

note: international shipping costs may vary. please get in touch with us and we’ll try to find a cheap way: jungbluthpunx(at)gmx(dot)de – thanks!


Jungbluth – s/t 10"

A01 Uberstellung
A02 A Vague Memory
A03 Interlude
B01 Traubhagel
B02 Quick Temper – Slow Mind
B03 Outro

16:29 minutes – originally released on tape in november 2012

the last months and years clearly have shown that nationalist ideas, prejudices against refugees and the denial of a modern multicultural society do not only exist in the heads of few – these ideas have made it into mainstream society and became very visible lately manifesting in weekly right-winged demonstrations in germany, a new rise of right-winged parties all over europe and an increasing amount of attacks against refugees and asylums.

all of this is happening while thousands of people drown trying to enter »fortress europe«, people who escape wars, prosecution and hunger. people who pay the price for our wealth. refugees who make it to europe are threatened, both mentally and physically, excluded and treated like their life was worth nothing.

all benifits from this release will be forwarded to pro asyl.

this was the one and only idea behind re-releasing these six songs. pro asyl as a national working group for refugees wants to counteract the existing racist tendencies in our society through information based on facts and organisation of social opposition. whether it is the erosion of asylum laws, dramatic individual fate, rights of children of refugees, scandalous social discrimination of asylum seekers or about regulation concerning the right of residence. pro asyl stands up in public for shaping a more humane and open society.

for more information please visit proasyl

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